Monday, 29 May 2017

Greek mythology - heads up!

These images sure look raw, but the parts paint up nice, see for yourself:

Heads are all ready to go onto sprues then I'll arrange a caster. I have my own hoplite bodies that will come at a later date, for now though these are good for adding accents to some of the very excellent plastic kits out there in the market.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Time to blog - Hello 2017

I'm not sure what's scarier, the fact that I haven't blogged in nearly three months... or the fact that I haven't really had the time or mojo to blog.

My miniature time has been severely limited so far this year, the bulk of that time has been trying to learn zbrush. It's such a steep learning curve, I had thought about blogging on my progress but I'm trying to fast track myself - time spent bogging would be time away from learning.

To keep my morale up I have gone back to physical (analog?) clay sculpting...

So this first bunch, these are my good guy Arabian Nights infantry. Fitting rivals to my Fallen Dwarf range.

The style is a bit of a change for me: I've recently bought a lot of historical plastic miniatures from the likes of Gripping Beast, Fireforge and also North Star's Frostgrave stuff. These sculpts are intended to sync up with those. Once finished I'll do some comparison shots!

Weapons are stand in at the moment, they will have scimitars, spears and shields (leaning towards big round half moon ones). Archers and some elites will hopefully follow, as will alternate heads and kit.

This really spurred me back into ideas of doing elite and myth units, compatible with all the basic historical plastic miniatures out there...

Speaking of myth units, 2 elite Ares hoplites are a fun little project to ease me back into things. Comparison shots at the end, but they go very nice with Victrix plastics.

And this is just a wizard that's been WIP for ages... 99.99% finished now. I'll assign him to my Arabian Nights collection.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Anvil Industry Regiments - Heavy Weapons

Hobby time has been woefully short as of late, any spare time has been spent learning zbrush!

I have however managed to squeeze in a few bits and pieces...

Heavy weapons for the Martian Orbital Fusiliers from Anvil Industry. Excellent kits as usual. And, some undercoats for my greek mythology test sculpts.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Afterlife Null-Zone #1 - trooper thumbnails

I'm learning digital sculpting, and my pals at Anvil Industry are kindly hosting me at the studio in London for some training this week.

Here are some ideas I'm taking along. This was a free for all idea session, I could have done another 4 pages like this (I may still yet). I'll talk through the ideas with Anvil's creative director and hopefully take some elements from these to the next stage of design.

More on this project soon. Exciting times.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Terrain swatches

Anyone every done this?

I highly recommend it for trying out new techniques! The pieces are kappa foam (high density foamboard/foamcore), I pressed the detail in by hand - the blocks, cracks, patterns and indents. Really easy.

Stick it to a bit of card and then practice different colour schemes. I wrote the technique beside each swatch as I went along.

On show here are basecoats, drybrushes and washes. Some didn't work, but that's why it's an experiment!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Afterlife by Anvil Industry - Ephraim Bolivar "the Mechanic"

This guy has a real comic book manga feel to him, the muscles immediately reminded me of Colossus from the X-Men.

He's described as a weapons developer, obviously a little mad who likes to test out his creations in the field. With that in mind I went for a simple metallic colour scheme. The white casing on the leg power assist rig is brand new - no damage to the paintwork, yet.

Anvil have already stated their intent to expand the Crane Corporation line next year, I hope we see some one off mechanical abominations to take to the field with this guy.

Pick him up here -

Here's the next Afterlife unit I'll be painting up soon... (started ages ago).